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Cutting Tips, Tricks and Information



plasma cutting

plasma arc gouging

oxy fuel cutting

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Arc Gouging

Oxy Fuel Cutting




cutting methods

Cutting Methods Comparison

Cutting Safety

CNC Cutting Systems




ProStar™ Cutting Machine Guide

ProStar™ Plate
Cutting Systems

CNC Automated Cutting,
Software And Controls




Understanding Laser Optics

ProStar™ OEM-Quality Laser Optics

Horizontal Band Saws




Manual Cold Saw

Semi-Automatic Column Cold Saw

Tungsten Carbide Saw




ProStar™ Ironworkers

ProStar™ Ironworkers HPS Series

CNC Beam Line




ProStar™ Hydraulic
Swing-Beam Shear

ProStar™ Hydraulic Variable
Rake CNC Shears

ProStar™ 3/8” Plate Shear




ProStar™ Forming Rolls

ProStar™ Rotary Draw Benders

ProStar™ Roll Benders




Press Brakes

ProStar™ Folding Systems

Cold Plate Beveling Machines




ProStar™ EMO 3-Roll
Bending Machines

ProStar™ RIMI 4-Roll
Bending Machines

ProStar™ Portable Pipe Stands
and Rollers




ProStar™ Pipe Turning Rolls

ProStar™ Pipe Rigging Rollers

ProStar™ Benchtop
Welding Positioners




Large Diameter Pipeturners

Turning Rolls

ProStar™ Gear Tilt Positioners




Heavy-Duty Positioners

ProStar™ Low-Profile Turntables

Head and Tail Stock




ProStar™ Circular
Welding Systems

Praxair Turnkey Robotic Solutions

TAWERS™ Robots




ProStar™ Pre-Engineered
Welding Systems

Large Weldments

Robotic MIG Guns & Consumables




ProStar™ Welding Wire

ProStar™ Orbital Welding Systems

Resistance Welding Automation




ProStar™ Seamers

ProStar™ Manipulators

Slides and Swivels




Laser Welding

Downflow vs. Competitors





ProStar™ Heavy
Production System

Fume Arms

ProStar™ Robotic
Ventilation Systems






ProStar™ Plasma and Laser
Cutting Ventilation