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Dry Ice Cleaning



Dry Ice CleaningDry Ice Cleaning with carbon dioxide dry ice is an environmentally safe way to prepare surfaces or remove coatings, saving time and money for an ever-growing list of businesses.

Developed by the aircraft industry to clean everything from electrical components to petroleum waste, blast cleaning uses compressed air to propel dry ice particles that create an impact flushing action. These particles expand on contact and sublimate into vapor CO2, leaving behind a clean, dry, undamaged surface.

It’s Safe

Dry ice blast cleaning protects surface integrity and avoids grit entrapment, making it an effective alternative to abrasive grit blasting. There’s also no residue or secondary waste to clean, so you can use it with food processing equipment.

Eliminating toxic chemicals and harmful emissions makes dry ice blast cleaning environmentally safe, and it reduces employee health risks. It’s also:

It’s Economical

Not only is dry ice readily available, the blast cleaning process:

It Improves Productivity

Turning to dry ice blast cleaning instead of using harsh chemicals or gritty abrasives:

Where It’s Used

From cleaning sensitive electrical wiring and electronic components to removing adhesives, lubricants, paints and other substances on assembly line equipment, blast cleaning with dry ice is showing its versatility in a wide range of applications, such as: