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Laser Applications



Laser Supply Systems

Laser Applications Supply ModesThe purchase of laser cutting or welding systems represents a substantial financial commitment by a metal fabricator. To help maximize the return on investment, special consideration must be given when selecting the resonator gases (He, N2 and CO2), the assist gases (N2 and O2), and the high integrity gas supply system.

Essential factors to be considered include the selection of gas type (gas purity and mixture accuracy), supply mode (flow capacity, delivery pressure requirements, etc.), and design of the gas regulation and distribution equipment.

Praxair’s LaserStar™ Gases and Blends - For Optimum Laser Performance

Praxair’s LaserStar™ gases are produced to meet the stringent requirements of the laser processing industry. Available as pure gases or as pre-blended mixtures of helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and occasionally, carbon monoxide, Praxair’s LaserStar gases are used to optimize the laser beam quality in a wide variety of CO2 lasers. Carbon dioxide lasers must be protected from the problems created by contaminants such as moisture, hydrocarbons, and other impurities which can be introduced into the resonator chamber. These impurities can reduce laser power, create unstable operating characteristics, damage expensive optics, and cause costly downtime. When combined with a properly designed gas delivery system, the use of LaserStar gases helps assure optimum laser performance, maximum operating duty cycle, and minimum maintenance costs.

In laser gases, carbon dioxide is the component of the gas blend that is directly involved in producing the laser light.

Nitrogen makes it easier to excite the CO2 molecule to the higher energy levels necessary to produce laser light. Helium’s high thermal conductivity acts to cool the laser by conducting heat away from the electrical discharge area to the walls of the discharge tube; helium also stabilizes this electric discharge and improves laser performance.

Supply Modes

From resonator gases to assist gases, welding and cutting operations can be optimized when proper care is exercised in the design and selection of the gas supply system. Praxair offers a variety of supply modes that will meet your specific needs:

Gas Regulation and Distribution System Design

To further enhance laser equipment performance, high quality regulation and distribution equipment systems is recommended. These specially designed systems offer the following advantages: