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Metal Fabrication Solutions Engineered to Enhance Your Bottom Line

The StarSolver program is a cost analysis program that uncovers opportunities, reduces the cost of operations and improves your bottom line. Praxair's highly trained professionals will work with you to produce a tailored solution for your business.

The StarSolver program utilizes software based productivity surveys and engineering studies to systematically analyze a customer's current welding and cutting practices and conditions.

The program is a no-cost service and offered to our current and prospective customers. It focuses on your whole production facility from start to finish and has proven to be a successful process.


The StarSolver program shows you how to cut costs, increase productivity and improves quality.

  • Labor and overhead
  • Review current practices
  • Analyze data collected
  • Recommend high-quality, low cost solutions

Increase Productivity

  • Plant analysis
  • Gas analysis
  • Productivity improvements
  • Welding analysis
  • Cutting analysis
    • Laser
    • Plasma
    • Oxy-fuel

Lower Cost

Based on our experience, we can help you increase productivity by 20 to 40% with little or no capital investment.

Better Environment

With concern to the changing regulations in the welding environment, we can help you evaluate options to lower the amount of fumes generated by your welding operations.

Improve Quality

At the same time, we will help you improve product quality and reduce your welding costs. Using the StarSolver program, Praxair can help your company meet the challenges of the new millennium and effectively compete in a global market.

For more information please contact:

Chris Vihnanek
Phone: 630-320-4568
Email: Chris_Vihnanek@praxair.com

Robert Schaefer, BSWE
National Marketing Manager - MetFab Group
Phone: 630-320-4538
Email: robert_schaefer@praxair.com


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