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Soldering is a group of joining processes that produce coalescence of material by heating it to the soldering temperature, using a filler metal (solder) having a melting temperature less than 840 °F (450 °C) and below the solidification temperature of the base metal. The solder is distributed between closely fitted faying surfaces of the joint by capillary action. The heating process selected should provide the proper soldering temperature, heat distribution, and rate of heating and cooling required for the product being assembled. Application of the solder and flux is determined by the selection of the soldering process.

Why Solder?



Soldering Alloys and Fluxes Selection Chart

The melting temperature of the filler metal is less than 800 °F.

Caution: Silver soldering is a term that is commonly misused to discuss silver brazing. Silver solders usually consist of Tin and Silver with a silver content of less than 6%.


Soldering alloys and fluxes selection chart