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StarFlame C® Cutting Fuel



Praxair's Cost Effective, Faster and Safer Alternative Cutting Fuel

Praxair's exclusive cutting fuel StarFlameC is propane based with a hydrocarbon additive that provides superb performance in most cutting applications.

StarFlame C cutting fuel is considered a “forgiving” fuel gas because good results can be achieved even when the heating or cutting tip is too close to the work piece or distance opens up one to two inches during cutting. Maintaining an exact distance from the work piece is not critical which makes StarFlame C cutting fuel an excellent choice for hand-torch cutting.

StarFlame C is colorless, flammable, nontoxic with a natural gaseous odor at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Its characteristics make this gas a ‘new generation’ cutting fuel that is far more economical, faster and safer than acetylene.

Features and Benefits of StarFlame C

Faster cutting speeds – 15% - 50% improvement

Less cylinder handling and storage

Decrease in fuel gas consumption – due to high cutting speed

Reduction in change out time

Reduction in labour - due to high cutting speed

Extremely high-flame temperature

Minimum slag and weld-back

Narrow explosive limits

Significantly less no soot and smoke

Stable, not sensitive to shock

Reduced potential for torch backfire

Non toxic - odorized for detection




More Information

StarFlame™ C Comparative Chart

StarFlame™ C Brochure


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