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Praxair's Starblend™ Gas Mixing System



Praxair Starblend™ Mixing System

Maintaining gas mixture integrity with high-pressure cylinders is the key to achieving high-quality welds. That’s why we developed the patented Praxair Starblend™ mixing system for two, three and four part argon-based blends containing carbon dioxide. It provides industry-leading mixture consistency from cylinder to cylinder.

From full to empty, Praxair’s Starblend™ mixing system helps to ensure that your shielding gas blends are thoroughly mixed. Cylinders filled using this technology deliver consistent mixture integrity from start to finish, which:

  • Lowers residual cylinder losses
  • Ends premature cylinder changeouts
  • Helps eliminate costly rework



Maintaining Mixture Integrity

Because of the difference in the specific gravity (weight) of the gases, stratification can occur with an argon/carbon dioxide cylinder filled by conventional methods. Carbon dioxide is heavier than argon and settles at the bottom of the cylinder. Inconsistent mixing in the cylinder is a common result.

The Praxair Starblend™ mixing system was developed specifically for argon/ carbon dioxide mixtures. It consists of a specially designed eductor or “dip” tube with strategically placed openings along its length. This creates turbulence in the cylinder during filling and promotes superior gas mixing, while producing a homogeneous blend without the need to roll the cylinder.

In addition to providing uniform mixing, the patented eductor tube design permits withdrawal of the mixture from various locations within the cylinder. This Praxair design feature ensures a consistent mix from the time the valve is initially opened to cylinder change-out.