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LaserStar™ Blends




Praxair's LaserStar™ gases are produced to meet the stringent requirements of the laser processing industry. Available as pure gases or as pre-blended mixtures of helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and occasionally, carbon monoxide, Praxair LaserStar™ gases are used to generate the laser beam in a wide variety of CO2 lasers. Carbon dioxide lasers must be protected from the problems created by moisture, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants which can be introduced through the gas supply system. These impurities can reduce laser power, create unstable operating characteristics, damage expensive optics, and cause costly downtime. With a properly designed delivery system, the use of LaserStar™ gases help assures optimum laser performance, maximum operating duty cycle, and minimum maintenance costs. 


LaserStar™Standard Grade Component and Pre-Mixed Gases

LaserStar™ 5.0 Component and Pre-Mixed Gases

LaserStar™ 5.5 Component and Pre-Mixed Gases





Assist Gases

Praxair also supplies assist gases – typically nitrogen and oxygen for cutting applications – of the proper purity and with the required pressure and flow rates to optimize the performance of the laser cutting operation.

Top Quality And Consistency

Every Praxair LaserStar shielding gas blend you order is mixed consistently at every level. Praxair’s patented Starblend™ mixing system technology is specially designed for maintaining mixture integrity with argon-based blends containing carbon dioxide. Complete evacuation and purging of empty cylinders is required before filling using our patented eductor tube blending system. There’s no residual gas waste from stratification so you can use all the gas you’ve ordered every time — while also reducing your costs.