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TIG Gases


Metal Gauge Mode of Metal Transfer Recommended Gas Comments

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel ALL Manual  Argon Best puddle control, especially for out of position welding
Carbon Steel ALL Mechanized HeliStar A-75, A-50 High speeds; lower gas flows than with pure helium
Carbon Steel ALL Mechanized Helium Higher speeds than obtained with argon; improved penetration

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel ALL Manual  Argon  Excellent puddle control, controlled penetration
Stainless Steel ALL Mechanized Argon Excellent control of penetration on light gauge materials
Stainless Steel ALL Mechanized HeliStar A-75, A-50 Higher heat input, higher welding speeds possible
Stainless Steel ALL Mechanized HydroStar H2, H-5 Minimizes undercutting; produces desirable weld contour at low current levels, requires lower gas flows, ideal as a back purge gas on 300 series stainless steel 


Aluminum ALL Manual  Argon  Best arc starting, good cleaning action and weld quality; lower gas consumption
Aluminum ALL Manual  HeliStar A-75 Higher welding speeds, greater weld penetration than argon
Aluminum ALL Mechanized HeliStar A-75, A-50 Good weld quality, lower gas flow required with straight helium, improved penetration
Aluminum ALL Mechanized Helium (dcsp) Deepest weld penetration and greatest weld speeds; can provide cleaning action for aluminum and magnesium welding

Nickel and Copper Nickel Alloys

Nickel and Cu/Ni Alloys ALL Manual  Argon Excellent puddle control, penetration and bead contour on thin gauge metal
Nickel and Cu/Ni Alloys ALL Mechanized HeliStar A-75, A-50 Higher heat input to offset high heat conductivity of heavier gauges, faster travel speeds
Nickel and Cu/Ni Alloys ALL Mechanized Helium Highest heat input for sufficient welding speed on heavy metal sections