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Poultry Spoilage

The use of modified atmospheres to replace air in food packages is applicable to many types of food. Controlling food spoilage is complex and more than one gas may be appropriate for the same application. However, specific packaging conditions and shelf life extension requirementsplay a role in determining which is most suitable for a given application.

Praxair's Extendapak® gases are used by food processors and packagers to extend the shelf life of their products. These gases include pure nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen or a mixture of these products and function to displace unwanted atmospheric gases when used in a Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) process.

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Carbon Dioxide

EX 13

Food Poultry - Certified Standard

EX 14

Food Poultry - Certified Standard, TECHNICAL DIVING

EX 2

Food Poultry - Certified Standard, Non-Certified Standard

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