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ProStar Smart Chemicals


ProStar™ "Smart" Chemicals

Praxair's NEW ProStar 'Smart' Chemicals provide innovative ways to solve some of the every day challenges surrounding the use of metals. They are fast-acting and help make the treatment, protection and restoration of metals easier without damage to substrates. And their biodegradable formulas can help you keep your workers safe and reduce the impact of your metal treatment processes on the environment.

These chemicals use “Smart” technology enabling them to target specific problems such as chromium oxide, rust or iron oxide or the bond between paint or coatings and their substrate. When these targeted items are depleted or broken down, ProStar “Smart” Chemicals stop their action and can be left on indefinitely without concerns of damage to substrates.


Using these innovative products, you can:

  • Pickle and passivate stainless steel in one step, without the use of hydrofluoric acid.
  • Remove rust without damage to substrates or coatings and protect metal during storage and shipping.
  • Remove paint and industrial coatings in a semi-solid form which helps make disposal easier.

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