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Water Coolers

TIG welding water coolers by Miller Electric Mfg. Co - MILLER-COOLMATE

TIG welding water coolers by Miller Electric Mfg.- Closed-loop design with radiator reduces coolant temperatures and prevents the system from overheating. Closed-loop design also recirculates the coolant through a fan-cooled heat exchanger.- Rustproof coolant reservoir molded of poly ethylene for durability and corrosion resistance.- Standard inlet/outlet torch fittings are compatible with TIG and MIG torches having standard 5/8-18 left-hand fittings.- 10 ft (3 m) power cords with plugs are longer than most power cords in the industry — providing the extra length when required.- Compatible with Miller coolants and are ideal for warm and cold weather conditions, while providing HF or corrosion protection.