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Miscellaneous Physical Constants


Numerical Constant Value Units
Avogadro’s Number 6.022045 x 1023 Molecules/g-mole
Gas-Law Constant R 1.98719 cal/(g-mole) (°K)
1.98719 Btu/(lb-mole) (°R)
82.0568 (cm3) (atm)/(g-mole) (°K)
0.0820568 (liter) (atm)/(g-mole) (°K)
10.7314 (ft3) (lb)/(in2) (lb-mole) (°R)
0.730228 (ft3) (atm)/(lb-mole) (°R)
8.314510 (kPa) (L)/(g-mol) (°K)
8314.5100 (Pa) (L)/(g-mol) (°K)
0.0831451 (bar) (L)/(g-mol) (°K)


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