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Syracuse, NY Welding Supplies and Equipment

With a metro area population of more than 732,000 and an in-city population of over 147,000, Syracuse is home to a huge number of New Yorkers. It's a cultural and educational hub as well as being home to a strong economic and industrial sector. At Praxair, we know firsthand that the need for metal manufacturing and construction is still very robust here, and that's why we put forth tremendous effort when it comes to making sure that our customers have access to all of the welding equipment they need.

We believe in offering a number of different things to our customers, including the following.

  • Service – Service matters, and at Praxair we staff our local stores with knowledgeable experts who can answer your questions and help guide you towards the best products for your money. However, we also work to ensure that you get the most for your money, which is why we operate 5 R&D centers and why we offer our StarSolver program. This program is backed by an expert national team who helps you improve your productivity and reduce costs. You deserve excellent service, and we strive to provide it to you.
  • Welding Supplies – Whether you need repair parts, new arc welding supplies, safety equipment, or some other welding equipment, our stores are stocked with all of the latest supplies you could possibly need.
  • Gasses – We not only offer welding gas, but a full range of speciality, process, and atmospheric gasses to help you with any project. We also offer custom supply systems designed for your specific needs.
  • Value – Praxair proudly offers its ProStar line of welding products. These supplies and machines are handpicked by our experts from numerous manufacturers to provide customers with the absolute best value on the market today.

You deserve the best, and at Praxair that's exactly what you get. Visit our local Syracuse store today to see how we can help you.

Praxair, Welding Gas and Supply Center
4560 Morgan Place
Liverpool (Syracuse), NY 13090